Digital Vs Hardcopy Textbooks

There is no future in print publishing. So many believe that with the emergence of electronic media and other e-publishing programs, the print, more specifically textbooks, will vanish. What then should be done to textbooks that have been overtaken by the change of time?

Textbooks, just like the newspaper that has continued to thrive and compete with radio and television, so there remains a strong believe that a hardcopy book will do the same. The most important solution that hardcopy textbooks need to consider is, change with the changing times.

More readers and scholars have become more enlightened and technology savvy. They prefer using online basis for their research due to the convenience and immediate results got. As more and more people get attached to the internet, textbooks authors and publishers continue to suffer. What they need to have adopted therefore are other techniques of selling their books. Internet sites such as eBay and Amazon deal with the sale of books and this can help the authors and publishers a lot in making a breakthrough. Converting a hardcopy textbook to a digital one is also rewarding in terms of recognition attained and the money made from the number of visitors who view, or buy the book electronically.

Textbooks can also be posted online to enable readers access the book directly from the website. Digital textbooks unlike hardcopy ones are up to date, more accessible, unlimited, easy to revise and edit, and never get old or outdated.

Digital textbooks are becoming more common and adoptable in the classroom. Today’s kids are learning how to use the internet at a very young age and are more attached to soft than hard copied textbooks.

Hardcopy handbooks are very much used especially in the third world nations that are yet to adopt the world of literacy and technological advancement. The books also add glamour to the library and study shelves. They are also hard to plagiarize unlike digital textbooks that face a lot of plagiarism and copyright infringements.

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