How To Re Circulate Textbooks

Am I the only one who does not like the smell of old textbooks? If you hate the smell, want a new look for your shelves or want to update on your book collection, postpone it no more. Get those shelves cleared and keep the books in circulation or recycled.

Textbook recycle accepts all kind of textbooks, even ones that are over 20 years old! Old textbooks are recycled by grinding them down then process them to make new paper by repulping the old papers. All of the books that have outlived their time and usefulness can be recycled. Only unreadable and useless books are recycled. For ones that are still in good conditions, they can be re-circulated.

Re-circulation is done by donating of books that are reusable to libraries, charities, schools, daycare centers and churches. Other places where you can do your donation are through organizations like Better world Books who ship the books to other countries in the effort of promoting global literacy.

If you are not open to donating or recycling your books, you can opt top sell them online through famous sites such as Amazon, eBay and Barnes &Noble. All these sites allows you to sell your book(s) directly to the seller without a middleman, though, you will have to take care of the shipping cost. However, you have to check the rates that other books are being sold at, though most of the times, its just a few pennies. Selling your old textbooks through Blue Rectangle, Powell’s or We Buy Your Books is more efficient and awarding because they pay their own shipping cost.

The other way of getting rid of your textbooks is by coming up with a book swap. You get a number of people to switch books with over dinner or coffee as you do the trading. There are also websites that offer the same service such as Paperback swap and Book Crossing.

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