How To Take Care Of Textbooks

How do you go about making textbooks remain as new as you bought them, free from tear and wear? Some may opt never to read their books in order to keep them in their current mint condition. But if you refuse to read them, why then did you buy them in the first place? For others, they will buy an extra copy, one for reading and the other for the library shelf. If you want to earn knowledge by reading your books, and continue keeping them in good condition, here are tips to guide you through maintaining and keeping your textbooks in good conditions.

Do not write on the textbook. Never underline anything between the pages, or highlight anything. Writing on the margins also should be avoided. The ink used damages the book faster. Instead, use bookmarks and write notes on a notebook, but if you must write on the book, use a pencil and erase it afterwards.

Keep your books away from foods and drinks. You should never do the reading while eating. Also, check the study table to ensure that its moisture free and free from food crumbs or any other form of stickiness that may damage your textbook.

Store the textbooks on a shelf when not using them, and the shelving should be done correctly i.e. in an upright and vertical position. The storage system should give it enough headroom. If you have no shelf, you can instead store them in a box.

When using/reading your textbook, hold it properly with uttermost care. Folding of corners of a page destroys the book faster-instead use a bookmark. The cover should also not be folded. To keep the textbook in a good condition, use a book jacket to keep of dust.

Finally, ensure that you have your textbooks stored in a dry and clean place that is easy from direct sunlight or heat. A lot of moisture causes mold to grow on them whereas sunlight damages the book binding and makes them to dry out and finally crumble.

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